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Cat on the Tracks

‘I was stunned by these poems. Fresh, urgent, alive, awake, with such a strong visceral impact I couldn’t sleep. Mark Pajak offers a high-res lens through which we share his vision of the suffering of children and animals. There is a fierce intelligence at play here, emotional, physical and cerebral. The combination is genius.’

– Patience Agbabi

‘Mark Pajak’s skilful poems keep themselves open, especially to childhood and adolescent experience. Even so, they are far from frail – their insight and imaginative verve make them robust as well as eloquent.’

– Carol Ann Duffy

‘Pajak’s poetry is extreme, its subjects often united with elements and seasons… his stories’ endings haunt the hearer like the close of a dark, irresistible song.’

– Alison Brackenbury

‘These poems burst with imagery as each page draws the reader into a new episode of the poet’s past. You can completely understand why Carol Ann Duffy has chosen Pajak as a poet to watch out for.’

– The Poetry Book Society

“A poet to watch”

– Zaffar Kunial